Street Parking

Prairiefire’s Entertainment District (located between Outlook & Nall on 135th Street) features storefront street parking along Prairiefire Blvd as well as a street level parking lot south of Pinstripes for your convenience.

Covered Parking

The Entertainment District features 6 levels of Covered Parking and see-through elevator (fun!) for your convenience and protection with entrances on Prairiefire Blvd across from Pinstripes’ entrance and on 136th Terrace. The walking entrance/exit sits on the North side of the garage and brings you right into the heart of the Entertainment District between Cinetopia and Primp and Blow.

Complimentary Valet Offered Daily

Prairiefire offers complimentary Valet for your convenience six days a week starting at 5 pm, Monday through Thursday, in front of Pinstripes on Prairiefire Blvd. Sunday, Valet is offered in front of Pinstripes from 10 am to 3 pm.

 All you have to do is drop off your car, and when you’re ready to go, call the number on the back of the ticket to be picked up at any location in Prairiefire!



Street Parking Lot

Prairiefire’s West End (located on the corner of 135th St & Lamar) features storefront street parking as well as a street level parking lot in front of The Fresh Market, REI & additional retail shops.

Entertainment District Parking Spaces

West End Parking Spaces

Total Current Parking Spaces